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Criterion (ii): Vigan represents a unique fusion of Asian building design and construction with European colonial architecture and planning.Criterion (iv): Vigan is an exceptionally intact and well-preserved example of a European trading town in East and South-East Asia.Vigan vertegenwoordigt een unieke combinatie van Aziatische bouw- en constructiestijl en Europese koloniale architectuur en planning.Culturele elementen uit andere delen van de Filippijnen zijn samengegaan met Chinese en Europese invloeden, wat resulteert in een stadsbeeld dat nergens anders in Oost en Zuidoost Azië te vinden is.The traditional Hispanic checkerboard street plan opens up into two adjacent plazas.The Plaza Salcedo is the longer arm of an L-shaped open space, with the Plaza Burgos as the shorter. Paul’s Cathedral, the Archbishop’s Palace, the City Hall and the Provincial Capitol Building .At present, the salient features of most of the ancestral Vigan houses are conserved, although a few houses remain in deteriorating condition due to neglect of their absentee owners.Authenticity Vigan has maintained its authenticity in its grid street pattern, historic urban lay out and use of open spaces.

Its architecture reflects the coming together of cultural elements from elsewhere in the Philippines, from China and from Europe, resulting in a culture and townscape that have no parallel anywhere in East and South-East Asia.Vanwege de gemengde invloeden wijkt Vigan ook af van de Spaanse koloniale steden in Latijns Amerika.De voormalige Europese handelsstad is tegenwoordig verdeeld in negen districten en dertig dorpen.Integrity All elements necessary to express the values of the property are included within the property.This ensures the representation of its significance as a well planned and well preserved Hispanic colonial town.

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An important trading post before the colonial era, Vigan is located at the river delta of Abra River, along the northwestern coastline of the main island of Luzon, in the Province of Ilocos Sur, Philippine Archipelago.