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Single mom dating questions

If money is tight, you need to spend less everywhere--not just on the kids.This means fewer cappuccinos and holding off on getting the latest phone model.I feel like I never get quality time just to hang out with my kids!

Play at the park, watch movies on TV, and cook meals at home.

Solution: "Acknowledge that having two houses with different rules is confusing." Dr. To reduce confusion, he suggests making a list of behaviors that are okay and not okay for house in a family meeting.

Have your kids help write the rules down and decide where to post them.

Dilemma: Trying to stay on top of the kids' sports practices, appointments, and homework as they switch back and forth between my house and my ex's is exhausting! This allows you to have personal and work calendars for yourself and one that you co-manage with your ex.

Since it's online it can be viewed from smartphones, tablets, or computers--wherever family members may be. "Don't feel like you have to do everything for your kids," Dr. List all the tasks that need to be done each week and assign your kids to take responsibility for the age-appropriate jobs to lighten the load.

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