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Telling people "Words only have power if you give them power" is blame-shifting in the same way programs that teach women to avoid getting raped do.

They both move the burden of guilt to the innocent.

Before we transitioned, getting interviews -- and doing very well in them -- was easy.The religious right capitalizes on the conflation of drag and transgender all the time and uses it to claim that transgender people will show up to the office dressed like it's Saturday night at The Masque.If people didn't conflate the two, then the religious right wouldn't be nearly so successful at fighting against workplace and employment protections for transgender individuals.This can be extremely dangerous, and frequently goes very poorly. Even when there isn't violence, it can still be humiliating.A friend recently told me the story of her date responding loudly with, "Oh, just what I fucking needed! He then stormed out of the restaurant and stuck her with the bill for both their dinners.

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Another issue is that transgender women frequently don't fit inside of traditional notions of beauty.