Dating board game 90s speed dating scotland

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Dating board game 90s

The winner of each game won 0 and a chance to spin for three prizes of various qualities, ranging from a 5¢ piece of chewing gum to 0 cash.

The winning contestant took up to three spins of the wheels, on each spin, three prizes were displayed. A second pilot was taped a month later on January 5, 1969.

The contestants could match up the joker with any category they chose, and they could also use the joker(s) to go off the board, and select a different category.

But if at any time three jokers came up (that's Joker, Joker, JOKER!

Allen Ludden (1968–1969)Jack Barry (1971–1984)Jim Peck (sub; 1981–1984, 1986)Bill Cullen (1984–1986)Pat Finn (1990–1991)Mark Maxwell-Smith (Pilot 1, 2006)Alex Cambert (Pilot 2, 2006)Snoop Dogg (2017–Present) Lee Vines (1968–1969)Marc Summers (sub, 1973)Johnny Jacobs (1972–1975, sub in 1978)Johnny Gilbert (sub)Jay Stewart (1977–1981)Bob Hilton (sub, 1980)Art James (sub, 1980)Charlie O'Donnell (1981–1986, 2006)Ed Mc Kay (1990–1991)Jeannie Mai (2017–Present) Jack Barry Productions (1968–1975)Barry & Enright Productions (1977–1986)Kline & Friends/Jack Barry Productions (1990–1991)Sony Pictures Television (2006–Present)Snoopadelic Films (2017–Present)SMAC Productions (2017–Present)Studio T (2017–Present) The Joker's Wild is a quiz based game show where categories were presented by spinning a slot machine.

The bonus round was similar to that of the Ludden pilots but had more elaborate prizes.

Should the contestant in control miss a question, the opponent had a chance to answer a bonus question from the last celebrity to read a question.

There were also jokers on the wheels, and like the show says, "The Joker's Wild"; the contestant in control could make the joker(s) into any category/celebrity they liked whether it was on the board or not.

Highlights of this version were shown during promos of the eventual series, which began production on CBS in 1972.

In this more familiar version, two contestants faced a giant slot machine and answered questions. Each contestant in turn pulled a lever in front of them which caused the category wheels to spin.

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